History of Migrations to Turkey: From 14th Century to 21st Century (only in Turkish)

M. Murat Erdoğan ve Ayhan Kaya (ed.) (2015)
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Syrians in Turkey: Socal Acceptance and Adaptation (only in Turkish)

M. Murat Erdoğan (2015)
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Is Istanbul a Caravanserai? – Migration Writings (only in Turkish)

Sema Erder - Nesrin Uçarlar (der.) (2015)

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Turkish Culture in Germany: Multiculturalism and Intercultural Education (only in Turkish)

Onur Bilge Kula (2012)
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Cities and Migration (only in Turkish)

Ahmet İçduygu (der.) (2012)
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Gebze: Küçük Türkiye'nin Göç Serüveni (only in Turkish)

Tolga Tezcan (2011)
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From Dream to Reality: The Experience of Tarlabaşı Community Center (only in Turkish)
Pınar Uyan Semerci (ed.) (2010)

Tarlabaşı Community Center has been active since 2006 in Tarlabaşı, Istanbul, initially established as a project under the European Commission “European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights Micro Project Program” by Istanbul Bilgi University Center for Migration Research. This work aims at depicting a picture of Tarlabaşı, the foundation and activities of the Community Center through the eyes of all participants and contributors. There are articles and contributions in the book by the professional staff of the Community Center –such as the coordinator, social worker, psychologist, art trainer- as well as by the volunteers –the main driving force of the activities-, and by the participant children and women, who are the real owners of the Center. In presenting an alternative perspective for the elimination of poverty and for integration into urban life, and in increasing the number of similar examples, sharing the experiences on the Tarlabaşı Community Center is important. The publication intends to be a substantial reference for governmental institutions, NGOs, academicians and researchers working in this area. 

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Land of Diverse Migrations: Challenges of Emigration and Immigration in Turkey (only in Turkish)

Ahmet İçduygu and Kemal Kirişçi (eds.) (2009)

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Internal Migration in Turkey: Integration or Return? 
Ayhan Kaya (ed.) (2009)

This publication derives from the research project of “Internal Migrations in Contemporary Turkey” funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), and comprises the findings from the field studies in Mersin, Istanbul, and Diyarbakır in 2006-2007. The study focuses on the issues of urban poverty, informal economy, increasing criminal behavior, street children, emergence of underclass ghettos, honour killings, mafios relations, suicides, domestic violence and institutionalisation of violence, that result from the new migration patterns in the Eastern and Southeastern Turkey throughout the 1990s. This edition intends to provide a comprehensive account of the social, economic, cultural and political state of the internally displaced people and a basis for further studies. 

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Belgian Turks: A Bridge or a Breach between Turkey and the European Union? (only in Turkish)
Ayhan Kaya and Ferhat Kentel (2008)

This study is on Belgian-Turks, which constitute part of the “Euro-Turks”. Kaya and Kentel focus on the process of migration in Belgium, integration of migrants, the Flemish and Walloon approaches to integration, as well as on the failures of republican and multi-culturalist integration regimes and the meaning world of Belgian-Turks. 

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Beyond Integration: 'Migration and Being Migrant from Turkey to France' (only in Turkish)
Didem Danış and Verda İrtiş (eds.) (2008)

This edition covers articles on experiences of migration in France, where the second largest group of Turks live in Europe. 

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The Age of Migration: International Migration Movements in Modern World

Mark J. Miller, Stephen Castles (2008)

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"Crossing the Agean" An Appraisal of the 1923 Compulsory Population Exchange Between Greece and Turkey (only in Turkish)
Renee Hirschon - Müfide Pekin - Ertuğ Altınay (trans.) (2005)

The results of deportation concerning both sides of the aegean. 

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Roots and Roads: Migration Processes in Turkey (only in Turkish)
Ayhan Kaya & Bahar Şahin (eds.)  (2007)

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Imaginary Music of Turkey in Germany / Die Musik der Imagineren Turkei: Musik und Musikleben im Kontext der Migration aus der Turkei in Deutschland (only in Turkish)
Martin Greve - Selin Dingiloğlu (trans.)  (2006)

A research on Turkish Migrants musical culture in Germany. Martin Greve is trying to give a frmework for the music of Turkish Migrants in Germany and the affects of the music in their daily life. 

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Diplomacy and Migration: The Other Face of Turkish-Greek Population Exchange

Onur Yıldırım (2006)

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International Labor Migration (only in Turkish)
Gülay Toksöz (2006)

Historical Background of labor migration, reasons of labor migration to European Union, migration policies of EU, entegration of the migrations to society and its dificulties. 

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Euro-Turks: A Bridge or A Breach Between Turkey and the European Union? (only in Turkish)

Ayhan Kaya & Ferhat Kentel (2005)

This research tries to show, the role of Turks living in Germany and France, in accesion process of Turkey to European Union. Trying to answer the question of ; Are they going to be a breach or a bridge between Turkey and European Union" 

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They Came and They Stayed… Life Story of Turks of Germany / Gekommen und Geblieben Deutsch - Turkische Lebensgeschichten (only in Turkish)
Michael Richter - Mutlu Çomak-Özbatır (trans.) (2005)

This book shows us that not every imigrant worker in Germany were coming from the rural areas of Turkey.It shows us many of the migrants had lived in abroad or had their life in towns and some of them being members of families which were migrated to European terrotories under Ottoman rule. 

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Re- Established Lifes - 1923 Turkish Greek Population Exchange (only in Turkish) 
Müfide Pekin (ed.) (2005)

Difficulties of re-establishing lifes, its social economic and cultural processes and its results. 

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Lasting Migration from Guest Worker to Trans-National Citizenship (only in Turkish)
Nermin Abadan-Unat (2002)

20 CenturyTurkish exterior migration, its affects on Turkish society and international migration. 

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They haven't Heard Us Yet! - Turkish Workers' Children in Europe (only in Turkish)

Gündüz Vassaf (2002)

Cultural challenges and responses of Turkish migrant worker's children in Europe. 

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