Seasonal Labor Migration Network- MIGA

Seasonal Labor Migration Network (MIGA)


Given the long-standing seasonal labor practices and multi-dimensional social and economic problems present in Turkey’s agriculture sector the Istanbul Bilgi Center for Migration Research decided to focus its research on the “migration of seasonal agricultural workers” and to organize a network of groups working on this issue that could collectively provide policy suggestions.

Seasonal Labor Migration Network (MIGA) was founded on June 30, 2010 and has held 11 meetings organized by the İstanbul Bilgi University Center for Migration Research and 1 meeting organized by Pamukkale University through funding support from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Turkey Representation.

Since 2014, MIGA members have decided to continue the activities through yearly meetings in İstanbul organized by the BİLGİ Center for Migration Research.


Target Group of Project


Academicians, representatives of local, national, international public and civil bodies, and individuals working on seasonal labor migration in Turkey.


Our Principles


Within the context of the globalized labor market, MIGA considers the conditions of seasonal agricultural workers and the social exclusion that they experience in violation of their human rights and legal rights. MIGA works to end child labor, the exploitation of labor, and ethnic, regional or religious discrimination with the principles of gender mainstreaming.


Aims of Project


To collect relevant information about seasonal labor migration in Turkey, to promote communication among those working in the field, to support collaborative studies, to develop public awareness about the problems of seasonal workers and their families, to remind all related parties to develop solutions, to monitor current practices and to support activities encouraging the inclusion of seasonal workers into decision-making processes.


About the Project


Network members hold meetings twice a year and share the information about their studies and experiences. Analysis of seasonal labor practices, problems and recommendations for solutions are communicated to decision makers and the public through reports, press releases and press meetings.


MİGA Contact:


İstanbul Bilgi University Center for Migration Research / Tel. 0212 311 52 11