2009 - You Have the Choice, Hear My Voice

You Have the Choice, Hear My Voice
“You Have the Choice, Hear My Voice” Project, with the Center for Migration Research as a partner, is executed by the Başak Culture and Art Foundation through the support from the Netherlands Istanbul Consulate Matra-Kap Human Rights Fund. The project aims at updating the data obtained in 2004 from the project, SES-ÇIK ‘Don’t Problem, Control It’, supported within the scope of the Delegation of the European Commission to Turkey and Turkey 2001 Programme of European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights. The project timeline was between December 2009 – September 2010 and within the scope of the research, 353 families and 527 children and youngsters have been interviewed. Through the questionnaire conducted, information has gathered about the socio-economic conditions, education opportunities and levels, employment standards, the expectations and needs of the children and youngsters. The project results are published in Turkish and English under the title “SES-DUY You Have the Choice Hear My Voice: The Effect of the Migration of Children and Young People 2004-2010 Result of the Comparative Research”, that can be obtained through Başak Culture and Art Foundation.

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