2023-2025 Determining the Profiles of NEET Youth in Türkiye from a Well-being Perspective and Policy Development Study

The project, supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK) 2519 – COST Working Group Support Program (Project No: 222K388), aims to draw a realistic Türkiye-specific profile of young people aged 15-24 with NEET* status based on the well-being of young people through a multi-method research. The project will contribute to a better understanding of the NEET phenomenon by drawing attention to different intersectionalities such as gender and rural dimension specific to NEET youth in Türkiye. Stakeholders who need to be mobilised for a comprehensive solution, especially young people, who are the subjects of the issue, will be given the opportunity to participate and suggestions will be made for policy-making processes. In addition, in the light of the “well-being” and “bioecological model” approaches adopted within the scope of the project, a series of determinants for increasing the capabilities of young people living in Türkiye will be put forward, contributing to effective policy making and literature.

More about the project: http://neet.bilgi.org.tr

NEET: Not in Education, Employment or Training




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