2019 - Creative Network Plus: Baseline Research and Development (BREDEP)

Baseline Research and Development (BREDEP), funded by the UK Research and Innovation AHRC Program and coordinated by University of Derby, is a project conducted to improve integration and access to vocational education training in the network-hosting communities of 6 of the world's top 10 refugee hosting countries, including Turkey, Uganda, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, and Ethiopia. In Turkey, the project is run by Istanbul Bilgi University Center for Migration Research.

BREDEP aims to conduct baseline reviews of literature, international and national policies on refugee integration and access to vocational education and training and the role of technology and creative industries in the case countries; and to develop the capacity of academic, vocational and community collaborations and networks relating to refugees. The publication of the research findings on the integration of refugees and the capacities and role of vocational, creative and civil society initiatives is in progress.

A further output of the BREDEP Project is an art exhibition focusing on migration and engaging creative industries. The exhibition entitled "The Other Stories" will take place between 16 December 2021-7 February 2022 at Istanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul Campus Energy Museum.

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