2021 - Overcoming Infodemic During and Beyond COVID-19: Development of an Online Tool

The project, realized with the support of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation - A Project of the German Marshall Fund in 2020-2021, aims to contribute to civic engagement, transparency, accountability and media literacy through the development of a sustainable online training tool to increase project target groups’ capacity of fact-checking in various forms of misinformation and knowledge about the COVID-19.  The online tool as the outcome of the project, will be available for the use in university lectures, NGO trainings and on the internet/website, and will focus on developing an understanding about misinformation and capability to deal with misinformation, fake news and other problems.

For details: http://infodemiegitimi.org/en/

Online Training (available in Turkish) http://turkuazlabsaha.org/class/infodemi

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