2017 - Prevention of Child Labor Research and Model Development Project

"Prevention of Child Labor Research and Model Development Project" is conducted by Istanbul Bilgi University Child Studies Unit in colaboration with Center for Migration Research in 2017 in Istanbul.

The project which is conducted in Bağcılar and Küçükçekme, tries to understand the problems of a working child as a whole. Even if it’s hard to ascertain the difficulties and limitations in those regions, we hope that our research will give important clues to understand child labour and guide other researches about the subject.

The most important cause of child labour is seen as poverty. There are also additional reasons to poverty as migration, difficulties in access to education, unemployment and low income of parents, and the demand for child labour force. This report is a part of our project which aims the prevention of child labour in the city. The main goal is to ensure the best interests of the child and to struggle against child labour.

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