2012 - Remapping Europe: A Remix Project

"Remapping Europe: A Remix Project" aims at bringing together young media creators in Spain, Poland, the UK and Turkey who have a migrant perspective with wider audiences from all ages and at contributing to a comprehensive cultural implementation and public imagery about Europe and its milieu. It is aimed with the project to contribute to our common cultural heritage and to develop a reference point in our collective memory for the future.

In July-August 2012, pilot video workshops were run with children and youth at Tarlabaşı Community Center. In March-April, 18 participants in a workshop analyzed the present main images and narratives about migrants in Europe and particularly in Turkey and re-edited them through “remix”. The participants created new media works through bringing together pre-created visual-audio material with techniques of digital storytelling and creative media tools. A seminar was held on the 2nd March 2013 at İstanbul Bilgi University about “Perception of Migrants in Turkey and Alternative Perspectives: Looking at Migration in Media”. The closing event of the project was realized on 7-12 April 2014 in Seville. There are two publications of the project under the titles: “Remixing Europe: Migrants, Media, Representation, Imagery” and “Remapping Europe: Films and Performances”.

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