2003 - Euro-Turks: Germany and France

"Euro-Turks: A bridge, or a breach, between Turkey and the European Union," is a quantitative and qualitative project based on field research and structured interviews in Germany and France. The research aims to reveal the political culture of Euro-Turks as well as to make a comparison of contemporary French and German models of incorporation and integration vis-à-vis migrants. In this framework, the project has produced a demographic map of the Euro-Turks in two countries; Germany and France, to figure out the perspectives of the Euro-Turks on the EU and Europeans and their political, social, cultural and economic orientations towards Germany/France and Turkey. Overall this project challenges the commonsensical knowledge and stereotypical judgements about Euro-Turks. In this respect, 60 in-depth interviews and 20 focus group discussions with the intellectuals, politicians, artists and opinion leaders were conducted in Germany and France. In addition, in Germany1065 structured interviews and in France 600 structured interviews were conducted. Research report was printed in four languages; English, German, French and Turkish.

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