Symposium: International Migration and Turkey New Trends, Problems and Solutions

19 December 2003
09:00-09:30 Registration
09:30-10:00 Openning speech
Moderator : Prof. Dr. Gülten Kazgan
Lale Duruiz Istanbul Bilgi University, Rector
Ingmar Karlsson Istanbul Consul General of Sweden
Alain P. Mouchiroud Turkey Representative of UN Population Fund
10:00-10:30 Presentation
1. Turkey and Migration

  Ilhan Tekeli (METU)- Ankara
Different Categories of the History of Migration in Turkey
10:30- 10: 45 Discussion
10:45- 11:00 Break
11:00- 12.00 Presentation

  Migration Flows to Turkaey
1. Session:

  Ayhan Aktar (Marmara Univ.)- Istanbul
Political Background of Turkish-Greek Population Exchange: 1922-1923

  Nuray Ekici (Freiburg Univ.)-Germany
Migrations from Bulgaria

  Ahmet Içduygu (Koç Univ.)- Istanbul
A Commentary on the Irregular Migration Flows toTurkey: Social, political and economic results.
12:00- 12:20 Discussion
12:20- 13:30 Lunch break
13:30- 14:30 Presentations
Moderator: Erol Katircioglu
2. Session

  Kemal Kirisçi (Bogaziçi Univ.)- Istanbul
Accomodation of the Asylum Seeking and Migration Practices of Turkey with EU Acquie Communitaire

  Deniz Yükseker (Koç Univ.)- Istanbul
Transnational migration and suitcase trade

  Didem Danis (Malmö Univ.- Sweden )
Iraqi Keldani Migrants in Istanbul: Transit Migration and Transnational Relations
14:30- 14:50 Discussion
14:50- 15:10 Break
15:10- 16:30 Presentations
3 . Social and Economic Reflections of Migration

  Ayhan Kaya , Ferhat Kentel (Istanbul Bilgi University)
Euro-Turks: A Bridge or a Breach between Turkey and European Union?
(Comparative study of Germany and France)

  Gülay Toksöz (Ankara Univ.)
Developments in the Labor Markets of Migrant Receiving Countries and Demand for Migrant Labor Power: Example of Germany

  Can Ünver (Berlin-Germany)
Recent Social Changes in Europe and Migration Policies- Example of Germany and Turkish migrants
16:30- 16:50 Discussion
17:00- 18:00 Cocktail
20 December 2003
09:00- 10:00 Presentations
Moderator: Alan Duben

  Citizenship, Cultural Pluralism, Participation
1. Session

  Riva Kastoryano (Harvard Univ.-USA)
Transnational Nationalism: Turkey and the Turks in USA.

  Ayse Çağlar (Budapest Univ.- Hungary)
Transnational Migration Networks, Limits of State and Social Capital

  Hakan Sıcakkan (Bergen Univ. Norway)
Ontological Foundations of Co-existence: Variety of Alterities as an Alternative to Difference Perspective. Determinations from an EU Project.
10:00- 10:20 Discussion
10:20- 10:40 Break
10:40- 12:00 Presentations
2. Session

  Altay Manço , IRFAM-Belgium
Forty Years of Turks in Belgium (1964-2004): Problems, Developments, Changes

  Bülent Diken (Lancaster Univ.- England)
Migration, Critiques and Transpolitics

  Ilhan Kaya (Florida State Univ.-USA)
Migration of Turks to America

  Sirma Bilge ( Montreal Univ.-Canada
Ulus, Cemaat ve Diaspora arasinda Çok-mekânli aidiyetler: Kanadali- Türkler
12:00 -12:20 Discussion
12:30- 13:30 Lunch break
13:30- 14:50 Presentations
Moderator : Levent Soysal

  Social and Cultural Phenomenons in the Process of Migration

  Tahire Erman (Bilkent Univ.- Ankara)
Relation between Internal and External Migration: An Attempt for the Theorization of a Squatter House

  Altan Gökalp (CNRS- France)
Marriage among the Third Generation Young Turks in France and Import of Partners from Turkey: Trends, Reasons, Problems.

  Sebnem Akçapar (Bilkent Univ.- Ankara )
"Imported" Turkish Brides in Western Europe and their Integration Problems

  Elif Aksaz (Pantheon-Sorbonne - France )
Daily Life of Turkish Migrant Women Living in a Quarter of Paris
14:50- 15:10 Discussion
15:10- 15:30 Break
15:30- 16:50 Presentations

  Meaning Worlds in the Media and the Process Migration

  Asu Aksoy (Goldsmiths College- England)
Looking from a Cosmopolitan Perspective to the Changing Experience of Migration in Europe

  Barbara Wolbert ( Europa Universitat Viadrina-Germany)
Migration to Germany: Family Photographs and Virtual Affinities

  Yesim Burul (Istanbul Bilgi University)
Culture Industries and Networks in Transnational Space

  Can Candan (Istanbul Bilgi University)
Migration and Documentary Narratives: How can the experience of migration expressed in cinema ?
16:50- 17:10 Discussion
18:00- 20:00 Reception- Swedish Consulate