Tarlabaşı Community Center

İstanbul Bilgi University Center for Migration Research, in order to develop a model on social coalescense and multicultural coexistence for fostering participation into urban life, established Tarlabaşı Community Center in September 2006 in Tarlabaşı neighborhood of Beyoglu, Istanbul. The Community Center, founded through the support from European Union, especially provides social, educational supportive activities for women, children and youth, who are the most vulnerable groups struggling with problems resulting from migration and poverty.

In the Center, etude classes, reading-writing courses, various ateliers on art, music, dance, theatre, narration as well as psychological counseling are provided by the contributions of specialists, professional trainers, local and international volunteers. Tarlabaşı Community Center conducted two projects on art with women and children orchestra in the context of İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture.

The Community Center continues its activities under Tarlabaşı Community Support Association, which was founded to sustain the Community Center. İstanbul Bilgi University, being one of the main supporters of the Community Center since its foundation, has strengthened its contribution through becoming an Institutional Supporter. Local and foreign academicians, students, representatives from state, NGOs and press visit Tarlabaşı Community Center. The Community Center aims at increasing the number of similar centers.

The book titled From Dream To Reality: Experience of Tarlabaşı Community Center, composed of articles by the staff of the Center and the researchers, is published by İstanbul Bilgi University Press.

Educational activities for children and youth:

- Etude classes
- Preparation classes for high school entrance exams
- English courses
- Pre-school education class
- Meetings about health, hygiene, addictions, control of anger, etc.

Social activities for children and youth:

- Art atelier
- Creative drama atelier
- Rhythm and music ateliers
- Narration/story atelier
- Photography and movie ateliers
- Visits to museums, exhibitions, theatre
- Shining Children Club
- Shining Children Magazine

Activities for adults:

- Reading-writing courses
- Courses on wood painting, jewelry design, etc.
- English courses
- Psychological counseling
- Legal counseling
- Meetings about health, child-parent relations, violence in family, etc.

Click for the presentation of Tarlabasi Community Center.

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Current activities (2014):

-Etude classes
-English practice
-Support courses for preparation for general exams
-Creative drama and theater workshop
-Shining Children Club and children magazine
-Orchestra workshop (suspended in June 2014)
-Reading-writing class for women
-Turkish class for Syrian refugees
-Women health education
-House/field visits (for assesment of the state of art and needs along with on-spot intervention)
-Workshops with volunteers for children on art and handcraft


Çukur Mah. Zerdali Sokak No.9
Tarlabaşı-Beyoğlu İstanbul
Phone. 0212 297 23 05-06
Ceren Suntekin, Center Administrator - Social Worker
Video (CNN Türk) Video (Tiyatro)